Time for a battery storage review

JB Straubel talks battery storage TeslaMondoHere’s a primer before the April 30 battery reveal. It’s JB Straubel in fine form. He might run the show someday, you know, as Tesla’s sphere of influence will eventually spread well beyond vehicles.

UPDATE: That spread is already well underway, according to fresh info on Bloomberg. Wal-Mart is on board, and it’s not alone. Schools, wineries, etc. are looking to Tesla for energy storage, part of a California government-sponsored program of which Tesla is shaping up to be a prime beneficiary.

The dumb money will start pouring into TSLA in the next few days. Dumb as in uninformed investors who are just now figuring out that Tesla is going to be a very large and savvy company that is going to change our relationship with energy.

A Bloomberg panel this morning just couldn’t comprehend this stoage thing at all. Betty Liu even thinks Wal-Mart is “selling” Tesla batteries. Sigh. Bloomberg has impressed lately with some Tesla scoops, but this morning’s performance was sophomoric at best. On the other hand, TeslaMondo would glady drink Betty Liu’s bath water.

Look for mid-$200s even before the Model X launch (see the Model X going through highway lane-keeping rigors here), and low $300s by year-end.

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