So we have two daddies, eh?

imageEarly 2009: Tesla is snatched from the abyss when Daimler buys batteries for the electric Smart, and also buys shares of TSLA. Daimler CEO Darth Dieter becomes yo’ daddy.
Early 2013: Google agrees to buy Tesla, but before the details can be ironed out, Tesla embarks on a company-wide telemarketing effort and posts a shocker Q2 profit, causing the stock to go parabolic and making the whole Google thing unnecessary. Still, Larry Page is yo’ other daddy.

The first one isn’t news. The second one certainly is news, assuming Bloomberg’s info is accurate. Is it good news or bad news? Both. It’s scary to think Tesla was so close to death just a couple of years ago. But it’s good to see any headline that pairs Tesla with Google. So call it even. And it’s good to read yet another account of Musk’s tenacity. He ordered everyone in the company, regardless of job title, to get on the phone and sell cars. So began the virtuous cycle that turned the game around in the bottom of the ninth inning. Gotta cheer that.

Also, this means TeslaMondo played a small part in Tesla’s turnaround, by buying more than a few shares of TSLA just 48 hours before the big Q2 surprise, followed by several more acquisitions in the immediate aftermath.

Just look how far we’ve come since then. We’ve reached the absolute zenith, for now we have an aftermarket company trying to tack icky “enhancements” onto the Model S, defying the smooth, muscular aesthetic conceived by its designer. This is the hazing ritual for any iconic car.

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One thought on “So we have two daddies, eh?

  1. Timmy says:

    So would that make Toyota an uncle?


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