GM, Tesla compromise in Maryland

Schoolhouse Rock Bill TeslaMondoTesla can now open four stores in Maryland, assuming the governor signs up as expected. GM tried to limit Tesla to two stores. Yes, General Motors, a mastodon, is trying to limit the roaming range of Tesla, a mouse. Let’s look a little closer at this big, shaggy mess of a creature.

* First, it tried and failed to go factory-direct in 1999. Result? A much more entrenched and vigilant dealer lobby. Thanks a lot.
* Then it literally crushed the EV-1 in an infamous show of no confidence in electric vehicles.
* Then Tesla inspired GM to build the Volt.
* Then GM set up a special team to study Tesla’s business model.
* Tesla announces it’s going to unveil its stationary storage solution April 30. GM then decides to fire up its old battery storage business it all but abandoned years ago.
* And now GM vocally opposes Tesla’s factory-direct business model, not because dealers are better for the consumer — that’s dealer lobby’s laughable premise — but on grounds of, “Hey, no fair. How come Tesla can skip the middleman but we can’t?”

Basically, Tesla has done everything GM tried and failed to do, but now GM has the balls to lobby against Tesla? Time to boycott the Caddy ELR. On second thought, that’s already well underway.


3 thoughts on “GM, Tesla compromise in Maryland

  1. M.H. Kane says:

    Let’s not forget the victims of Garbage Motors deadly lazyness in the ignition recall fiasco.


  2. John Sherwin says:

    EV’s are disruptive in the sense that they change everything the petroleum economy eschews. EV’s will change the face of job creation and transportation forever. Opportunities now exist for everyone if the old bastions hurdles were dismantled.


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