Recent spook theories are nonsense

Tesla cannibalism TeslaMondoCannibalism. Will the new Model S lineup, featuring a less-basic base model, merely shuffle existing orders instead of generating new ones? Well, if there’s any harmful overlap, it won’t last long because Tesla will just tweak the lineup again. If you had to pick one word to describe Tesla, it’s “dynamic.” Yes, that word is nearly worn out, but it’s accurate here. The company doesn’t let grass grow under its feet, to quote Lance Gilman, the guy who runs the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center where the Gig is under construction. Tesla generates more news in a month than most automakers generate in a year. Its most frequent venue for public announcements? Twitter. That suggests extreme nimbleness and real-time responsiveness. So if the product mix — the recipe, if you will — isn’t exactly right, hyper-sensitive Tesla will modify the recipe pronto without worrying about the next spook theory:

Tesla buyer's remorse, TeslaMondoBuyer’s remorse. Yes, some TSLA shorts are hoping for a mutiny among fresh Tesla customers who feel gypped by Gypsy Musk because a new Model S variant has hit the web — gypped despite the freshness guarantee of OTA updates, apparently. But let’s back up the camera and look at the overall. We see that Tesla’s customers are happy. They don’t just advocate — they proselytize. Every customer satisfaction survey has Tesla at the top of the charts. Thus, Tesla is oft-maligned as a cult.

Strategic vision (second year at top of charts)
Consumer Reports sales survey (second year at top of charts)
Consumer Reports service satisfaction survey

But now we’re supposed to believe Tesla is on the verge of a coup d’état, with customers grabbing pitchforks and studying diagrams of the castle. So which is it, Mr. Internet? Pick one theory and stick with it. You can’t have both.

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One thought on “Recent spook theories are nonsense

  1. M.H. Kane says:

    People ( that I’ve encountered. ) who bring religion and politics to Tesla Motors threads : ( in reference to the ” cult ” slander in the story above. ) are fanatics who are trying to hijack the threads for their own irrelevant message and malfunctions ( see Autoblog and autoblog green for examples.) .


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