Tesla’s 2015 home renovations begin

HGTV logo TeslaMondoWhat home renovations?

1. Raising the floor. The new base model is better, stronger and faster than before. And the price went up.
2. Raising the roof. The Model X does so, literally and metaphorically. The roof really does go up when the falcon wings open. And price-wise, it represents the new roof in the Tesla lineup.
3. Modifying the walls. The Tesla home battery, due April 30, will have people “creating a space” around the new wall-mounted artwork from Silicon Valley.

Can’t wait to see the segment on this Tesla remodeling project. By year’s end, we’re going to be talking about this complete makeover of Tesla’s house. The company will stand taller, with a higher floor and ceiling, and broader, with a new wing devoted to stationary storage bumping out the footprint.

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5 thoughts on “Tesla’s 2015 home renovations begin

  1. vfxx says:

    The new 70 is obviously the bottom for the Model X line. At one point Tesla was a “fixer upper” but upgrades like this will put them into a higher tax bracket.


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