“D” torque has Consumer Reports giddy

Consumer Reports P85D TeslaMondoThe magazine just bought a P85D for a long-form review. Skip to 1:41 to watch a staid car tester giggle like a kid who just launched his first bottle rocket whilst coincidentally sitting on a feather. Looks like we’re in for another thumbs-up endorsement from this very credible and influential publication. Yeah, yeah, it’s had checkered experiences with the Model S. First it rated it a 99 out of 100, which means off-the-charts good. Then it had problems with a long-term Model S tester. But CR’s consumer surveys pegged reliability “average,” allowing the publication to recommend the model despite its own anecdotal experiences. Time has passed. Has Tesla refined the product? Surely.

UPDATE: A first-impression article dwells on the brain-warping combination of insane acceleration accompanied by insane silence.


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