Ted Gaines a hair across his ass

Ted Gaines Tesla golden shovel

Gaines with shovel. “Don’t make me use this, Elon.”

California Sen. Ted Gaines, the same fool who presented Tesla with a golden shovel when the Gigafactory was up for grabs, is now trying to kill the $2500 state tax incentive for Tesla vehicles and add $1,000 for Toyota and Nissan. In other words, he’s trying to whack Tesla upside the head with that otherwise useless spray-painted shovel.

Let’s not forget:

1. Tesla rescued the Bay Area after Toyota and GM abandoned it. Its regional orbit has pulled in a multitude of suppliers.

2. Workers at an abandoned Ford plant in Belgium are begging for Tesla to take it over.
3. The line of people waiting for a job at Tesla’s hiring event in Fremont. The cops had to shut it down due to crowd control concerns.
4. Tesla has reminded the world that California delivers the goods when it comes to cutting edge tech, and not just home electronics and websites. It’s way ahead with making big, heavy, shiny, highly-visible things that move down the street. That’s priceless, Mr. Gaines. You dig?


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