2015 turnaround commencing

Telsa 2015 outlook promising TeslaMondoWinter: First quarter was solid. Data dorks can fuss about the numbers all they want, but no matter how you dissect them, Tesla is off to a decent start — despite China Syndrome! This first-quarter performance should buoy the stock until the stationary battery reveal April 30.

Spring: With any luck, JB Straubel will skillfully educate the masses about the immense $$ opportunity in clean energy storage. We’d benefit from a softcore version of his excellent keynote from a while back. The public needs to see Tesla as a team of brilliant engineers, not a quirky billionaire’s pet project. JB needs more spotlight in 2015, the year Tesla grows more tentacles as it enters clean energy storage and releases another model.

Summer: With the topic of stationary storage — and Tesla’s vanguard position in it — buzzing around the blogosphere all spring, the weather will change. Gas prices will change. People will start spending $100 a week again to keep their uncouth Rovers and Cayennes drunk and happy. Then comes Model X to make them feel all sluggish-like, wasteful and worst of all, unfashionable.

Fall: China finally notices that Buick sucks, smog sucks, and range anxiety is about anxiety more than range.


One thought on “2015 turnaround commencing

  1. Michael B. says:

    Unrelated, but I’d love to get your brief take on why, when and how EVs in general (and Tesla in particular) became so politically polarized, so partisan. I can’t believe the crap that comes out in some “respectable” publications, let alone in their comment sections… it makes me angry and sad at the same time. Ostensibly it is because of “subsidies”, but I think there’s more to it than that. Probably more than a few paragraphs, however. :-\


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