Chinese scalpers pumped early sales

This Old House TeslaMondoTeslaMondo has already predicted rampant Model X scalping. Turns out even the relatively-pedestrian Model S was heavily speculated as Tesla entered China, resulting in a temporary and artificial bump in demand right out of the gate. Now that reality has set in for the speculators — and the reality is sluggish demand — China is the only place in the world with unsold Tesla inventory, says Elon. Nevertheless, Tesla plans to establish local engineering and production within three years as it eyes the long-term potential of China. Biggest obstacle? Lack of infrastructure, both real and perceived. So Tesla is:

1. Adding Superchargers at a faster pace, proportionally, than anywhere in the world, according to Musk during the “anxiety” conference call.
2. Providing Chinese customers with free wall chargers.
3. Also providing adapters so they can charge almost anywhere. (Does this adapter exist in the US?)

If Tesla can overcome the fire hysteria of 2013, it can overcome an anachronistic nation. China will be a good litmus test for India. China may lack EV infrastructure, but India lacks infrastructure, period.


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