New lexicon needed for autonomy

Just as new laws are needed — at least in the US — for Tesla’s business model, a new vocabulary is required for self-driving cars. Make that semi-autonomous. Uh, driverless. Get the idea? Nobody agrees on the terminology. And yet we’re supposed to agree on the legality?

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 7.19.50 AM

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3 thoughts on “New lexicon needed for autonomy

  1. vfxx says:

    Programming in a constant speed is called “cruise control”
    A feature that can slow down and speed up based on forward traffic conditions is called “ACC Adaptive Cruise Control”
    Programming the steering direction of the car might be called “Steer Control” or “Adaptive steering”
    Tesla’s offered; speed, speed limit aware, braking, steering and lane changing might be called “Adaptive Driving” or “Adaptive Driving Control”

    Tesla enthusiasts


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