New Jersey enters 21st century

Bill becomes law TeslaMondoTesla can now sell in New Jersey stores without telling customers to step outside and order from their smartphones. And there was much rejoicing. Tomorrow morning we’ll find out how Tesla plans to end range anxiety. And there was much rejoicing. The press is trying to imply Elon Musk wants to end human driving, when he was only voicing the likely mentality of future regulators. And there was much rejoicing.



One thought on “New Jersey enters 21st century

  1. newmex says:

    One state that never gets mentioned as being a anti-Tesla state is New Mexico. A tesla manager told me “New Mexico is way worse than Texas. Way worse.”

    No stores. NO service centers. Both are banned due to laws on the books, put there by the NMADA (New Mexico Automobile Dealers Association).

    No media coverage. New Mexico is ignored. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s because most people think it’s a separate country (the NM license plate deliberately says “New Mexico USA” so that people stop thinking the car’s from south of the border…)

    Sure hope Telsa now turns its attention to fixing this crazy ban in New Mexico. As it stands, owners in New Mexico if they ever need service have to wait for a Ranger to drive 6-9 hours from the Denver service center to reach an owner somewhere in NM. This is crazy and needs to be fixed.


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