Anxiety a human, not automotive, issue

Range anxiety therapist TeslaMondo

Unless the forthcoming over-the-air update will forward a live feed to a shrink, followed by an on-screen script for Xanax that can be photographed and redeemed at your local pharmacy, it cannot really fix anxiety. It’s a human issue, after all.

That’s the first problem.

The second problem is Twitter. It doesn’t allow for much elaboration. The OTA update might be only one part of the forthcoming anxiety mitigation plan, which, with any luck, will have great impact on the Chinese market.

Yes, that’s the third problem. China is an anxious nation. The USA is no picnic either, but at least seeing a shrink in the USA doesn’t amount to a total loss of face, like it does in China. A little research will quickly confirm for you the mental health epidemic in east Asia, and the cultural taboos that allow it to fester.

China needs any psychological tonic Tesla can serve, lest the idea of trusting an electric car become another splash of anxiety in a cup that’s already full. Range anxiety sits very comfortably within Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and GAD dictates a lot of decisions in life, especially expensive ones.

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