Tim Cook’s loaded non-answer

Apple logo TeslaMondoToday the Apple CEO was finally pinned down about Apple’s approach, if any, to Tesla. Cook said merely that Apple and Tesla “. . . don’t really have a relationship.” That’s an extremely flaccid push-back. He had the perfect chance to extinguish the rumors by saying something like, “No, we’re not interested in buying Tesla.” But he DID NOT SAY ANYTHING LIKE THAT. Instead, he acknowledged that he was dodging the question. In short, Cook issued a non-denial denial straight from the Watergate era, or the Clinton/Lewinsky saga. And we all know how those non-denial denials turned out, don’t we?

Let’s air this out right now. When a public figure is given a chance to slam a door, but instead leaves it ajar, it’s no accident. Apple DOES have a “thing” for Tesla. And with TSLA below $200/share, with Model X still locked in its cage and the Gigafactory still in diapers, THIS IS THE RIGHT TIME to act on the thing.

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3 thoughts on “Tim Cook’s loaded non-answer

  1. eric swenson says:

    r, Every day I anxiously await my Tesla Mondo fix. News wrapped in a magnetic blanket of fun.

    Thanks for these!

    be electric,



  2. theschnell says:

    I think it would be great if Apple invested in Tesla, but I would be quite disappointed if they bought them outright. But I couldn’t agree with you more on Cook’s response. Something is going on that he doesn’t want to talk about. Which means something is going on.


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