Tesla taking mulligan in China? Good.

Unnamed sources are telling hard-to-translate Asian newspapers that Tesla is paring 30 percent of its workforce, including 50 percent of its sales force, in China. If true, the next question is whether it’s going to replace under-performers or simply go leaner until the numbers warrant more labor. Probably the latter. No worries here. Tesla wants China badly, and so far, has shown the tenacity to get what it wants. Plus, Tesla is hiring on another potentially very lucrative front: stationary battery storage.

Meanwhile, a government-owned company in China has slapped together its first Model S knockoff, the Aoxin Ibis. Ignore the brazen piddling on intellectual property. Imitation is a good sign. it suggests the Model S is no failure when it comes to mind share. In fact, as noted here a few days ago, China is feverishly researching Elon Musk online.

Rampant clicking and shameless aping are good signs that eventually, Tesla will settle into the Chinese market — and start to rehire. Tesla has a lot going for it in China, lest we forget — despite folly like this.

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Performance and high quality in a land of no performance or high quality

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