Smear campaigner feigns amor

Connecticut Jim Fleming TeslaPerhaps you’ve seen the “Tesla Crash” website, a smear campaign set up by a gang of Connecticut auto dealers who apparently fear Tesla’s factory-direct precedent. Well, the head of the same gang has the balls to get on TV and say he wants to sell Teslas.

Yes, he’s trying to promote a bridge between Tesla and franchisees like himself — while he’s already lit a match to that same bridge. Makes sense, right?

TeslaMondo’s advice for dealers is to step up their game so that Tesla will want to use dealers. Smear campaigns are not the stuff of courtship. They’re the stuff of divorce, Mr. Fleming.

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3 thoughts on “Smear campaigner feigns amor

  1. M.H. Kane says:

    Smear from Mr. Phleming :-). I live in CT, I don’t watch Fox, I never heard of his lame site ( I clicked on the link above… he just cherry-picks and re-posts every negative Tesla Motors article … after saying he wants to sell Tesla vehicles !!! ) …lol… too bad no one cares. I guess when you upgrade to the President of a zombie business model you get a better suit, but still roam your area looking to prey on easy targets. 1) Most Tesla Motors’ customers come from friends and family word-of-mouth and test drives. 2) Most Tesla motors’ customers will survive a crash and buy another. 3) The quality sells itself 4) It’s almost over for Phleming and his ilk. 😛


  2. vfxx says:

    Why would you have a one sided panel on a news program about a particular story? Oh yeah, The local dealers buy ads on the station.



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