Bond Submarine Easter Egg instructions

Easter Egg TeslaMondo

When it comes to quirky humor, this trumps the “Insane” button in the P85D or the “All our patent are belong to you” declaration. In a nod to old-school video games and their cheat codes, secret zones, secret rooms etc., Tesla has embedded a secret screen in Model S software that shows the car as the Lotus Esprit submarine/car from the James Bond film “The Spy Who Loved Me.” Click the image for an instructional video.

Musk bought the vehicle — a functional submarine but not a car — a few years back with the intent of making it drive-and-dive as in the film.

TeslaMondo has already pointed out the rarity of humor in auto-making. Tesla once again shows it has no interest in behaving like its stiff peers. Still waiting for Tesla to produce a Model Q, named after the gadget guy in Bond films.



2 thoughts on “Bond Submarine Easter Egg instructions

  1. BEP says:

    Bad link


  2. rwfahey says:

    Fixed. Thanks.


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