Consumer Reports: Model S again tops

For the second consecutive year, Consumer Reports says the Model S is the best car you can buy. For a renegade, maverick, rogue, wild ‘n crazy automaker to get such kudos from a the most buttoned-up of publications is very comforting. It means the most sober of product reviewers, and the driest of consumer surveys, — consider them “ground control” to Elon’s Major Tom — have again determined that Tesla really does, in the most scientific sense possible, kick ass.

There really was a better mousetrap waiting to be built all along. All it took was some first-principles reasoning to give it life.

Investors are still struggling to think positive, however, because of yesterday’s headlines. Merrill Lynch, a Tesla contrarian that has totally missed the boat, re-affirmed its yucky $65 price target on TSLA. It declared that consumer demand for Tesla’s products is waning despite ostensible data and Tesla’s own statements about supply constraint. TeslaMondo avoids boring data debates and instead looks at the big picture. And the big picture reveals daily headlines about other automakers, and now even Apple, trying to get a piece of Tesla’s action. Merrill Lynch would have us believe there’s no action to be had. Hey, gotta respect contrarians. Elon is one of them.


One thought on “Consumer Reports: Model S again tops

  1. Brian says:

    Once upon a time a company called sold books. People said the iPod and Netflix would never catch on. The iPhone also was “just another phone.” For every person out there saying something negative about Tesla Motors and electric vehicles in general, there’s dozens of people hanging around a Model S at an event. Until you’ve driven a Model S and been the pilot of an electric motorcycle, like Zero Motorcycles, also in California, you’re probably just clueless. Keep ignoring the buzz and the big picture and just sit and wait. The Tesla Asteroid is getting closer…


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