Apple is bored. So is the press.

And so the articles keep a comin’: Apple is building a car. No, it isn’t. Apple should buy Tesla. No, it shouldn’t. The only way Apple can suddenly catch up to Tesla is by using Tesla’s patents, Tesla’s powertrains and Tesla’s assembly line. In other words, by buying Tesla. But that would limit Apple’s automotive adventure to a single brand — and an unproven one, in many minds. So any in-house Apple car is now — and will remain for a many years — a concept. That’s the automotive industry term for a vehicle that makes the issuing company look good while managing to avoid the tough part. And the tough part, of course, is existence.

Update: Apple is stealing employees from bankrupt A123 Systems, which specializes in Li-ion batteries. This would suggest Apple is cooking up more than just automotive connectivity systems. It might indeed make an actual car, or least provide a design for someone else to assemble. But again, no worries here. It’s hard for Tim Cook to steal Elon’s lunch money when Elon has already gone through the lunch line and is now sitting down and eating his pizza wedge and sipping his chilled juice. Cook, meanwhile, is still shivering outside the cafeteria with his nose pressed against the glass.

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One thought on “Apple is bored. So is the press.

  1. theschnell says:

    I think if Apple wants to build a car, they will be able to do so surprisingly quickly. I think they could have a car on the road in about 3 -4 years that would be competitive with the model 3. Although they would have to start building a battery plant now for that to be the case. I suppose they may instead aim for the higher end of the market, rather than try to compete with model 3 at the outset. They could probably pull that off even quicker. Maybe within 2 years.

    Regardless, I think the car market is big enough that its not an issue for Tesla, with the exception of the competition for talent. That’s going to raise Tesla’s payroll costs and simply reduce the number of available engineers in the marketplace for Tesla to hire.

    I hope Apple is building a car. I would be very interested to see what they came could come up with.


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