Tesla paradoxes

This is what happens when you follow Tesla headlines every day for a year or so. You become puzzled.
Tesla might use franchised dealers someday.
And yet it might use a secret weapon against dealers.
Tesla’s stationary batteries will hurt utility companies.
And yet they will help utility companies.
Tesla builds exciting cars to drive.
And yet it will remove driver input by ushering self-piloting cars.
Tesla is a drain on the American taxpayer.
Yet it’s hiring a lot of Americans and building world-beating cars.
Tesla hires official spokespeople.
Yet Elon delivers every remotely important statement himself.
Tesla was worth too much last fall, said Elon.
Yet in a few years it will be worth about $700 billion, says Elon.
Tesla wants competing EVs.
Yet Elon literally laughed at offerings by BYD and BMW in Bloomberg interviews.

3 thoughts on “Tesla paradoxes

  1. No one of significance says:

    Secret weapon: surprised no one has suggested it might be an electronics retailer like Best Buy. Existing stores. Trying to go higher end with Magnolia. Increasing Samsung presence (to counter Apple). The service aspect would be the tricky part to role out quickly as Elon implies this weapon could be deployed this year. I wonder if ‘outsourcing’ the service to Tesla would allow them to get them around the dealership laws still.


  2. No one of significance says:

    Of course, a less interesting and probably simpler option would be to have Solar City resell Teslas. They would also be a likely outlet for Tesla home batteries.


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