The roughage we ordered, part II

Bulgur frittersWe’ve already compared Musk’s demeanor to unrefined bulgur, as opposed to the refined white rice we’re normally served by business big-shots. The Q4 conference call served us more bulgur fritters. Musk used the word “bullshit.” He wondered aloud about Tesla’s market cap trajectory and concluded it could hit Apple’s current valuation within a decade. He called 2015 capital expenditures “staggering.” He said his own Chinese retail team was “brain dead” for telling potential customers that charging a Tesla is a chore.

Sounds like an ordinary guy at the water cooler, not a CEO on the world stage. Moreover, he sounds like a guy who doesn’t really care about the inevitable knee-jerk reaction of stock traders and the red numbers they will generate, but thinks instead on a much bigger scale, where progress is measured in planets, and traders are mere molecules.

Driving a Tesla thus implies thumbing your nose at not just old-school automakers, and not just Big Oil, and not just car dealers — but the whole of corporate culture. And that last one might be the most satisfying of all.

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One thought on “The roughage we ordered, part II

  1. Electric Fun says:

    Ah, yes, keep proving people wrong Elon! Those who drive an EV get to make a big virtual hand gesture to BIG OIL and others. Such fun!


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