Time for Tesla ads? At least in China?

June Jin, Veronica Wu, Kingston Chan TeslaMondo

Jin, Wu, Chang

Tesla’s reliance on word-of-mouth and local grassroots events is good enough here in the USA, but it seems China might require a good old-fashioned ad campaign. Tesla’s China execs apparently can’t “get the word out.” Today we hear June Jin is quitting. Veronica Wu and Kingston Chang fared no better. Is it time to take to the airwaves? The radio? Billboards? Facebook? Musk told us during the Q3 conference call that there are levers the company could pull to trigger demand. Time to pull those levers, at least over yonder, no?

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One thought on “Time for Tesla ads? At least in China?

  1. Time for Tesla Ads? At least in China?

    No. And if you think ads are the way to sell cars in China you don’t know China. They key to being successful in China is having the right political connections. Western companies constantly make the mistake of only developing ties to the current rising political faction which is all fine until the purges start and they find themselves re-starting from less than zero.

    Until China matures, trying to sell consumer products is a very risky business. Elon has done a lot of things right but “spending money as fast as you can with out wasting it” is the wrong strategy for China.


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