Spy our cars, but not our factory

Tesla Gigafactory frameworkTesla’s open-source philosophy does not extend to the Gigafactory. Nobody is allowed within 1.5 miles of the building, except for whoever snuck this snapshot. Why so guarded? Because the construction project has some proprietary features, Tesla told Inside EVs.

A building frame holds more sensitive trade secrets than the Model S? Apparently so. The company fears Gigafactory knockoffs more than Model S knockoffs? Apparently so. Either that or the company is simply building drama and intrigue by saying the building frame is top-secret.

Tesla’s relationship with the rest of the auto world continues to confound. It now invites competition, but in recent years openly laughed at competition. And now, “All our patent are belong to you, but all our factory skeleton are belong to us.”

The Gig is ahead of schedule, by the way. And that’s good, because the Volt will soon molt into the Bolt. That means Tesla’s would-be Model III customers will have to do some deep, meditative soul-searching about whether they’d rather have a $35k-ish Tesla or a $35k-ish Chevrolet. Hey, both should be good for 200 miles. That’s the only factor that matters when buying a car, right? The driving range?


2 thoughts on “Spy our cars, but not our factory

  1. Weud says:

    Don’t forget the SuperCharger Network


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