Freebie home chargers for China?

This Old House TeslaMondoApparently so. Assuming, of course, Tesla doesn’t suddenly croak from having its  labor force sucked dry, disemboweled by Apple’s headhunters. Then again, Tesla hires more from Apple than anywhere else. These two companies should just get a room together and do what comes naturally. Preferably a hotel room in China. Tesla could use some cash for this new home charger initiative. Apple could use an AWD smartphone in its arsenal.

However . . .

Tesla’s biggest logistical advantage over other automakers is nimbleness. It’s easy to picture current Tesla’s decision-making process as resembling a football huddle. A quick assembly of helmets, and then snap the darned ball already. That’s what makes football exciting to watch, and ditto Tesla. That nimbleness would have to suffer if Apple started barking orders from the sidelines. We’d see timeouts every couple of minutes, and viewers might start changing the channel.

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