Finally, the “D” is proving its might

You may recall TSLA shares took a nosedive when Elon unveiled the “D.” Crack-addicted investors, having already built up a Tesla tolerance, expected a higher high. What a letdown! Just a dual-motor, AWD version of the same old Model S?

And yet, today’s Google search for “Tesla,” at least for the past 24 hours of results, shows the viral spread of P85D reaction videos. People are just now learning about the potency of this latest Model S. Tesla’s average transaction prices are rising significantly as orders for the “D” ramp way up. And, most importantly, the company’s overall likability is rising. Why? Because Tesla has the gall to have an “Insane” mode in the first place. The Tesla name is spreading fast without any Super Bowl ad. Even Toyota is shifting in its throne, what with its Mirai trying to gain mind share. Unfortunately, there are no thrills to be had from hydrogen. Tesla (and electric vehicles by proxy) suddenly has an insurmountable lead in street cred.

So the “D” was indeed a big deal. Too bad we failed to appreciate its debut. We should hold our heads down at the dinner table tonight. And no dessert.


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