Grapeless man declares grapes sour

Tesla co-founder Ian Wright, who sold his TSLA shares at the IPO and now works in the garbage industry, is telling the press he doesn’t think Tesla will make it big. Is there any need to go further with this?

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Credit Suisse says 2013 Model S’ are auctioning at around 90 percent of the original sticker price. This bodes well for Tesla’s leasing program. The company is charging for depreciation that isn’t happening. Every car company strives for that. It also suggests people see the value in owning a used car with very few internal organs to malfunction. Plus, it implies a broadening acceptance of EVs, which sets the stage for Tesla’s mass-market car. The Model III is going to taste sweet indeed, except to Ian Wright’s peculiar taste buds.



2 thoughts on “Grapeless man declares grapes sour

  1. Ryan says:

    Credit Suisse is clueless… 2013 Model S’ have asking prices at around 90 percent of the original sticker price but are actually selling for much less.


  2. BEP says:

    “and now works in the garbage industry”
    That is not exactly right 😉


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