Model 3 won’t look like other cars

Model 3 TeslaMondo

Elon Musk’s question/answer session on Reddit dwelled mostly on SpaceX projects, but those projects are beyond the scope of this blog. And mankind. For hungry Tesla fans, the session offered but a single corn kernel: Musk said Model 3 won’t look like other cars.

This seems to bolster TeslaMondo’s prediction that Tesla will:

1. Grow bolder and bolder with each model.
2. Have a ton of self-confidence when it’s time to pen Model 3 — enough to really push the envelope.
3. Surprise us, and have fun doing so.
4. Continue to make the price of gas irrelevant by offering much more than an ROI math equation.
5. One day produce a Model Q, named after the gadget guru from the Bond films.

Meanwhile, Toyota has released its fuel cell patents in an effort to make the auto world go Full Fool Cell and forget about crusty, dusty ol’ Tesla. Perhaps one day a company will create an exciting fuel cell vehicle. Until then, the post-ICE world will be terrorized by Tesla’s mute decapitators. They won’t look look like other cars, and with any luck, NOTHING LIKE THE TOYOTA I-SORE.

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