Bloomberg assumes Chinese drive “clunkers”

China trade-ins TeslaMondoTesla is working with third-party used car brokers in China to ensure Chinese customers can trade their cars for credit toward a Model S. This sounds like Tesla’s AutoNation relationship here at home. It’s not big news.

The real news is that Bloomberg assumes Chinese people drive shitboxes. Look at the video title. And listen to the comment from Bloomberg’s Olivia Sterns at 0:37. She says, “I’m not too familiar with the used car market in China, but I’m pretty sure that most people’s trade-in cars are not really going to make a dent into the 100k price tag of a Model S.” Then the dude chimes in with, “If you can tow it, push it, drag it onto the lot, we will take it for five hundred dollars.”

If they made such an assumption about your home state, how would you feel? Probably offended. China should feel the same way. Watch the video before it gets pulled, and make a mental note of Bloomberg’s attitude toward the world’s biggest auto market. People who can afford a Model S are wealthy and probably drive pretty nice cars already. That’s the prevailing assumption — and a very sound one — here in the US. Shouldn’t it apply to China too? Apparently not.

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2 thoughts on “Bloomberg assumes Chinese drive “clunkers”

  1. BEP says:

    Well noted there.


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