The revolution will be very quiet, Part III

Model S vs Lambo TeslaMondoHere’s an apparently genuine street drag race between the P85D and a Lambo Aventador*, both owned by the same person. What does this video tell us? Well . . .

Off the line, the D is off the charts. It dismisses even this purpose-built Lamborghini missile up to 50 mph before the Lambo overtakes. Funny thing is, the allegedly lightning-fast paddle shifters in the Lambo are still a major drag, visibly costing ground during the 1-2 shift. This video drives the point home, better than any so far, that Silicon Valley brains beat any brawn you can amass.

Even the furious wasp buzz of a mighty Lambo V12, fodder for fantasy since childhood, is starting to seem a little . . . hmm, the right word. Quaint. Retro. Old school. Dirty. Inefficient. Frustrated. Futile. Boy, these descriptors are going downhill fast. It’s the end of an era, period. Heavy metal is dead, killed by Tesla’s mute decapitator. Well, not totally mute. There’s an electric mosquito in there somewhere. Somehow that’s the new sound of automotive virility. A mosquito. Get used to it. Those with tinnitus know that sound well. And if we can get used to tinnitus, we can get used to anything. Anyway, go greased lightning!Tesla vs Lambo TeslaMondo

The Revolution Will Be Very Quiet, Part I
The Revolution Will Be Very Quiet, Part II

* Looks like “D” drag race videos are going to proliferate very quickly. Now there’s a Ferrari Italia matchup and plain ol’ P85 matchup and even a drag run in the rain showing zero loss of acceleration.


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