Battery swaps begin amid wasted methane

Harris Ranch TeslaMondo

Harris Ranch

This post won’t bore you with chatter about biomethane cars. That’s because there aren’t any that you can actually buy and park in your driveway, despite decades of studies, efforts, coalitions, experiments, and even breakthroughs. This post will only point out the coincidence that Tesla’s first battery swap station is within sniffing distance of the Harris Ranch in San Joaquin Valley, CA., where crude methane is wasted because nobody has done for cow patties what Tesla has done for batteries, which is solve the Rubik’s Cube of making them work in the real world for real cars, without a performance problem, range problem, image problem, scaling problem, infrastructure problem, price problem or safety problem. Tesla has deftly jumped over all of those fences while the cows just stand there and stare at ’em the way cows do. A pity.

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One thought on “Battery swaps begin amid wasted methane

  1. Offer price: $190 USD


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