New weapon in the refuel duel

Remember that big advantage of gas vehicles, and even fool cell vehicles — that they can refuel in about three minutes while slowpoke EVs take hours to charge and ruin the spontaneity of driving? Erase it. A robot can unbolt your Tesla battery and bolt in a fresh one before you can utter the words “Formula One pit stop.” Uh, assuming you utter them kinda slowly. Will these Tesla battery-swap stations, the first of which debuts next week in California, proliferate? TeslaMondo thinks not. They’re a groovy option, but probably not necessary for most Tesla owners, who charge overnight in the garage and rarely even need a Supercharger visit. If these swap stations don’t proliferate, it means life with a Tesla is already easy enough. If they do proliferate, it’s another revenue stream for Tesla, an EZ way to upgrade a lot of Teslas if a better pack comes along, and an in-your-face reminder that Tesla wins any refuel duel as handily as a drag race. There’s no negative outcome here, unless a robot cross-threads the bolts and finds itself at the Robot Unemployment Office with Asimo.

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