“How Should I Presume?”

Woman with three beasts TeslaMondoCup and underwire patternTesla is open for business in Australia. But there’s a spook story to go along with it. The electrical infrastructure supposedly isn’t robust enough to handle Tesla. “How should I presume?” That’s the question famously asked by J. Alfred Prufrock. Presumably, we should presume Tesla has done its homework before setting up shop, instead of simply presuming everything will go smoothly.

TSLA reversed the curse today, posting a gain. But there’s a spook story to go along with that too. Apparently the stock is forming another head-and-shoulders pattern. We heard the same thing a year ago. So how should we presume? TeslaMondo sees merely the formation of a third bra cup this winter. Look at TSLA’s two-year chart and you’ll get the picture.

The dual-motor Model S is being delivered to customers, but another spook there. Bloomberg reports the EPA says the range is 250 to 242 depending on wheel size. That counters Tesla’s claim that the AWD gets better range than the RWD system.

And gas prices are down, so people feel they’ve got more disposable income. Of course, they could save similar money just by bagging a lunch every other day, but that’s okay. When people feel richer, they buy richer things, like Teslas, right? No. The blush is off Tesla’s rose now that gas is way under $3/gal, according to Simpleton Musk in t shirt TeslaMondoinvestors who have fueled this sell-off and created the best buying opp in months. Fools! The Model S isn’t about ROI in gas savings. That’s Prius stuff. Everyone knows the real appeal of Tesla boils down to Musk’s washboard abs.

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