File under “not necessarily the news”

Stuart Pankin TeslaMondoIt’s been quiet ’round here. That’s because the news has been quiet overall. Yes, BMW slapped Tesla for overstating a “partnership” that it never actually stated in the first place, and got all defensive about some implication that it would need to piggyback on Uncle Elon. Touchy, touchy, BMW. You did indeed talk to Tesla a while back about EV tech, true? Now it seems you’re sensitive about getting blown away at the starting gate by a California startup. So the real news is the world’s hypersensitivity to Tesla. Any utterance by Musk is a headline followed by repercussions, reverberations, aftershocks. It’s a bit much. Tesla PR chief Simon Sproule will attest. Wait — he’s gone already. Probably shellshocked.

And now Consumer Reports says the Model S is the vehicle most-loved by its owners. That’s nice, but not a surprise. The Model S won last year too. And the CR survey was dominated by the Prius and Volt for many years prior. The handing of the torch to the Model S was only natural. People who buy vanguard vehicles tend to proselytize via surveys. Will TSLA see a boost today because of the CR headlines? Maybe. Are we headed for a news hibernation and a stock slump this winter, as the faint-hearted lose sight of the story? Probably, as predicted here.

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