Turns out that “D” stands for DEMAND

Model D Demand off the charts TeslaMondoA new GQ Interview with Musk largely restates what we already know, except for this paragraph. Read it and leap, not weep. Average transaction price and profit margin are going way up. So investor disappointment with the “D” unveiling was, as usual, totally off-base. It was indeed a big turning point for Tesla. Far from a niche product from a niche carmaker, the “D” is proving to be the go-to powertrain for the vast majority of Tesla products going forward. Surely we’ll see a Model 3D. Hey, more alphanumeric fodder! Speaking of the 3, here’s the best look yet at the Gigafactory scene over in Nevada. Sweeping panoramas. Colorful narration. You’ll even see the “Electric Ave” street sign.


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