Evil plot coming to fruition

Dr. Evil TeslaMondoTesla’s overall mission, you may recall, is to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport. Well, a cluster of November headlines suggests Tesla’s scheme is working. Sure, public policy is helping to nudge the transformation — heck, it gave birth to Tesla —  but Tesla has turned that nudge into a cattle prod. How? By making incumbents suddenly look as stale and moldy as your grandfather’s trouser collection. Straight up, y’all: Tesla caught ’em slippin’. Tesla now has car buyers, even ones that cannot afford a Tesla, in a brain-lock.

It appears that circa 2017, right around the Model 3 release, we’re going to see non-Tesla “Teslas” peppering the highway. As long as the headlines continue to prop Tesla as the brand to beat — and next year’s Model X will guarantee that — Tesla will only benefit from its vanguard image.

Ford will build Tesla for the masses TeslaMondo


Electric Range Rover TeslaMondoPorsche, Mercedes Tesla fighter TeslaMondo




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