Tesla shows it’s the leader in PPS

Chicken little TeslaMondoThat’s “Panic Per Share.” Today everyone is panicking simply because a Tesla-friendly analyst, Adam Jonas from Morgan Stanley, followed the well-known Model X delay to its logical conclusion and adjusted his 2015 earnings per share forecast for TSLA. The fact that he reiterated his $320 price target means little when you’re dealing with Chicken Little stock traders.

Separately, Tesla says the Model X falcon wing doors are not a prime culprit in delaying the vehicle’s launch from Q1 to Q3 next year, contrary to press reports yesterday. And the origin of those press reports? Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas. Vast sums of money are ebbing and flowing through TSLA for every word uttered, typed, emailed or posted by two men: Elon Musk and Adam Jonas. Madness! It’s time for yet another collective shrug of the shoulders and shake of the head from TSLA longs.

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