Model G will indeed haul ass, and cargo

Waiting for Model X, TeslaMondo

Waiting for Model Godot

Towing capability? Check.
External cargo? Check.
Brain-warping acceleration, as offered in the “D”? Check.

That’s the gist of Tesla’s latest update to folk who have a Model Godot on reserve. This is good news, for it means Tesla’s SUV will offer capabilities of a mainstream SUV. And it will penetrate the air with “unprecedented” aerodynamics, maximizing range. But will it have side mirrors or side cameras? That was fodder for discussion this spring, but not a peep on the subject has been heard since, as the world waits for NHTSA to come around to looking at the calendar and noticing it’s the 21st century. What about a roof rack? How the heck, given those falcon wings? Well, Tesla has already reinvented the guts of the automobile. Perhaps the gang is equally intent on reinventing the exterior.

As we age, we often wish we could slow down the clock. Well, Model X surely has some of us wishing we could accelerate the darned thing. This wait is unbearable.

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