Swapalease sees high Model S demand

“You want out. I want in.” That’s the slogan at swapalease, a broker that lets people take over each other’s leases. Well, it turns out a lot people want “in” to a Model S. In fact, Model S consideration is 350 percent higher than other high-end sedans, according to the executive vice president of swapalease. Lest we forget, Tesla will let you out of a Model S lease without penalty within the first three months, per Tesla’s new “happiness guarantee.” But for those who can’t use that exit, it appears swapalease is a useful backup exit.

Why exit a Model S lease? Who knows. Job disruption, job disruption and job disruption probably round out the top three reasons. But why would anyone want to take over a Model S lease, or any other lease? Why not just start fresh with a new car and a new lease? Consider these scenarios, which could apply to any brand including Tesla:

1. The original lessee put down $5k to knock down his lease payment, but now he’s opting out. You can take over that lease with the low payment, but without the money down. Ka-ching!
2. The original lessee opted for a long lease, which resulted in a lower payment than a short lease. You can take over the lease toward the tail end, using the car for just a short period with the low payment. Ka-ching!
3. You need a car for six months before you fly back to your home country. But nobody offers six-month leases. No problem. Take over a lease with six months left on it. That’s potentially a lot better than buying a car and hoping to get out of it without losing your shirt. Ka-ching!
4. You want to bypass a long wait for a hard-to-get vehicle from a dealership.
5. You need a pair of cheap sunglasses and a Beach Boys CD. Surely the original lessee left those behind. Score!

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One thought on “Swapalease sees high Model S demand

  1. BEP says:

    A Compact Disc on a Model S? The original lessee understood nothing about the car! Good thing he gave it back.


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