EV expert knows what’s best for Tesla

Gigafactory advice for TeslaThe latest infusion of well-meaning advice comes from Tony Posawatz, who worked on the Chevy Avalanche, Cadillac Escalade and Chevy Volt for GM — then briefly served as CEO of Fisker. In an interview with Benzinga, Posawatz did what every unsolicited Tesla advisor does:

1. Gives props to Tesla while also propping his own résumé as an automotive expert.
2. Points out the same old challenges that Tesla has already openly acknowledged.

And so what was the point of the interview with Posawatz? Answering that might be the biggest challenge of all. Why write about it on TeslaMondo? Because it’s perfect for the ongoing Father Knows Best series.

Want an example of Posawatz propping his own résumé as an automotive expert? When Benzinga asked him about the “D” unveiling, here’s the preamble to his answer: “Well, many people asked me, because of my deep understanding of the auto business as well as the new technologies that are emerging from vehicle electrification to the autonomous driving to many of the new business models that are coming — have asked me my thoughts.” Sounds like a man who is on the job market, yes? Anyway, every issue raised by Posawatz is old hat by now, already confronted. Here are the biggies:Tony Posawatz TeslaMondo

Issue 1: The Gigafactory’s battery tech might become stale too fast. Already confronted by Tesla here and here.
Issue 2: Tesla can’t rely on ZEV credits. Already confronted by Tesla (scroll to “Outlook” section).
Issue 3: Building cars is expensive, so Tesla should seek more partnerships. Well, Tesla has already contracted with Toyota and Daimler, has partnered with Panasonic, has chatted with Apple, and will soon provide patented technology to other marques, according to Musk. So Tesla is hardly isolationist. Even Tesla’s proprietary Superchargers need not be proprietary, Musk has said.

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One thought on “EV expert knows what’s best for Tesla

  1. M.H. Kane says:

    Dear all Father Knows Best subjects, If you knew better you’d do better. Sincerely, M.H. Kane


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