Amateur Tesla ads only dilute the brand

Tesla ad TeslaMondo

“Gallons of Light” promo. A bit sappy, yes?

Tesla’s lack of traditional advertising is the best advertisement of all. But amateurs try to create Tesla ads anyway. TeslaMondo’s opinion is that even the best of the bunch look like medicore mainstream car ads — nothing befitting a maverick car company. Cute kids, mountain roads and sunsets are good enough if you’re peddling Nissan Leafs, but we’re talking Tesla here. This company needs something radical. And unfortunately, the most radical of all ad campaigns is . . . no campaign at all.

Attempt Number One
Attempt Number Two
Attempt Number Three
Attempt Number Four
Attempt Number Five
Attempt Number Six
Attempt Number Seven
Attempt Number Eight
Attempt Number Nine (Roadster)
Individual Store Attempt


5 thoughts on “Amateur Tesla ads only dilute the brand

  1. Jeff Mason says:

    Here is my assessment of each based upon creativity, professionalism, interest holding, rating 1-10 10 being the best #1-10 #2-10 #3-3 #4-7 #5-7 #6-3 #7-4 #8-2 #9-2


  2. Dave B says:

    Love this blog and look for new articles daily, but don’t agree on this one. Why disparage vids made by owners out of love for Tesla, I think they’re great.


  3. M.H. Kane says:

    Word of mouth about Tesla quality is how it all started, some customers just took it to the next logical step. The customers don’t dilute the brand they are good people who help other people by raising awareness and offering help in places like Michigan.


  4. Éric Cyr says:

    Same here, I often laugh reading your unique humour, but this time I disagree. Some of these videos are great!


  5. […] Amateur Tesla Brands Only Dilute The Brand […]


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