What to expect TeslaMondoLet’s remind ourselves of the Tesla story: International acceptance and expansion, with China of particular interest, Model X launch and resulting boost to Tesla cachet, incremental improvements in product content, quality and production efficiency, a forthcoming certified used program that will allow Tesla to direct-sell the same units a second time, Gigafactory progress ultimately culminating in the mass-market Model 3 and stationary battery storage.

Given this long view, Tesla’s 2014 Q3 sales tally and profit/loss, good or bad, comprise a mere distraction. The real action is in the near future, not recent past. Alas, none of this will matter to the CNBCs of the world — or even the Motley Fools, Seeking Alphas or ValueWalks. Any perceived soft spots in Model S deliveries will signal “Tesla running out of power.” Strong deliveries will mean “Tesla still at full throttle.” Either way, true TLSA longs need only take a deep breath and shrug. Next year will be far more eventful than this year. Anticipation makes time slow down. Waiting for Model X is worse than Waiting for Godot. Too bad Nikola Tesla never did get around to making a time accelerator thingy. And so we remain painfully pregnant with anticipation.


2 thoughts on “

  1. Timmy says:

    I heard that the first Model X is reserved by none other than Godot himself.


  2. Andy says:

    making that pic my background…hilarious


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