Second Japanese store imminent

Tesla Osaka TeslaMondo

Temporary outlet in Osaka

As “interest grows” in Japan, Tesla is opening a temporary store in Osaka. It already has a permanent store elsewhere in Japan. By the end of next year, thirty-two Superchargers will pepper the island, which is about the size of Montana. Japan is an emerging fuel cell stronghold, but is also the second-biggest plug-in market after the US. And it’s home to Panasonic, the traitor that supplies the juice to Tesla. You may recall that Tesla calls fuel cells “bullshit” one day and “fool cells” the next. TeslaMondo has already looked at the brewing international war game between EVs and FCVs. Here’s the rough lineup so far:

EV: Mahindra, Nissan, BMW, Tesla, Daimler’s brands, BYD, VW’s brands, Kandi, Tata, Ford, other assorted micro-producers in China and India. It’s a fast-growing lineup, and Tesla’s patent-sharing efforts surely will bolster the team.
FCV: Toyota, Honda, Hyundai. A small but formidable axis.

TeslaMondo has projected a diverse automotive future on par with the automotive present, with a choice of several powertrains. But one thing that’s really likely to die is high-performance motoring, since cars will become increasingly autonomous. Performance will come to mean reliability, safety, comfort and on-board conveniences — not acceleration, steering, lateral Gs.

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2 thoughts on “Second Japanese store imminent

  1. Offgridman says:

    Unless with the new electric’s we are fortunate enough to get both. Detroit Electric is planning on coming out with two versions of its long range car sport and standard. And Tesla was nice enough to include both performance upgrades and autonomous driving that can be turned on and off by the driver in its latest update to the Model S, the Sport P85D.


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