Et tu Brute? Michigan stabs a friend

Elon Musk Captain America TeslaMondoDetroit is the ceremonial seat of American auto ingenuity, yes? Tesla is the latest example of that ingenuity, albeit based in another state, yes? Tesla wears the same red, white and blue team uniform, yes? Tesla even inspired GM to build the Volt, yes? All of this is lost on the Michigan auto dealer lobby, which obviously fears that Tesla’s factory-direct sales model could become a contagion and render the middleman obsolete. Dealers have found a friend in Senator Joe Hune, a wayward 34-year-old boy, who obligingly finagled some key wording into an unrelated bill that now sits on the governor’s desk. If the Gov passes it, Tesla is forbidden from selling or even showing its American auto ingenuity to Michigan residents.

TeslaMondo has already suggested an alternate approach for dealer groups: improve your game and ultimately make Tesla want to use dealers. Recent comments by Musk suggest it may eventually happen anyway.

UPDATE: Michigan governor signs the bill on 10/21, after GM voices support for the Tesla ban. And there was much rejoicing.

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2 thoughts on “Et tu Brute? Michigan stabs a friend

  1. Warren B says:

    Well said. Short and sweet. This American irony.


  2. Another republican of course.


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