TSLA: Manic depression in full effect

Carrier deck TeslaMondo

MANIC: Carrier-deck acceleration of the dual-motor Model S. Bodes very well for the imminent Model X. Delivers on the promise of being “efficiency neutral,” and then some. Opens up more potential market, especially northern latitudes. Will drive trade-in business, followed by re-selling through Tesla’s fledgling certified used program. So Tesla will have a second chance to sell the same cars. Also manic is the company’s drive to push auto technology to the limit of legality, with the new autopilot system. Here’s a MUST-SEE video of Tesla autopilot in action. If only Chevy Chase had this in National Lampoon’s Vacation.

DEPRESSION: Early trader reaction. Disappointment that “D” was the only letter that surfaced last night, and that the “something else” was mere autopilot. And disappointment that a self-taught car didn’t tap-dance its way across the stage with a hat and cane whilst singing in tongues. Though we DID see a car lifted and manipulated by a robotic arm. Not good enough. Early reaction today points to a big drop, after a big run-up in the week preceding the “D” event last night. And more disappointment from recent Model S buyers who are wishin’ they stood in bed. The myriad upgrades to the car over the past two years apparently aren’t meaty enough. This “D” is the cutting-edgiest of edgy cars on the road. Barely legal, even. Makes a plain ol’ S seem like a mid-80s Chevy Malibu or something. TeslaMondo predicts many customer inquiries to Tesla about how to order a red “D” to glue onto the back of the car.

National Lampoon vacation asleep at the wheel scene

Autopilot beta testing.

What’s a TSLA long to do? Some simple deep-breathing exercises while waiting for the bipolar meds to take effect. In short, nothing. The Model X is coming. Then we’ll see some ups without downs.

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4 thoughts on “TSLA: Manic depression in full effect

  1. Tom Villars says:

    >What’s a TSLA long to do?

    A pull back of 20%+ off the high was always going to happen so disappointment in the “D” is just the excuse the market is using for a natrual correction.


  2. Zach says:

    I was pretty damn shocked to see the massive drop. Didn’t someone once say the market was illogical?


  3. Warren B says:

    Fidelity individual investors buy/sell ratio is 70/30. Institutional investors on the other hand playing puts and shorting shenanigans again.


  4. […] the double-unveiling of the dual motor powertrain and Autopilot. O the letdown. The stock tanked because everyone had expected something really big. Nobody could see the […]


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