What the heck is behind Tesla’s curtains?

Tesla Oct. 9 event TeslaMondo

Is Model X lurking behind curtain number one?

A Bloomberg tipster says the Oct. 9 event will reveal Tesla’s SADAS system. That stands for “semi-autonomous driver assist system.” The acronym is oddly appropriate, since the system purports to save our sad asses from poor driving. Expect many stories about the irony of Tesla producing passionate driving machines while also leading the charge toward driverlessness. That is, if the press can learn to look past the end of its nose. Anyway, how will Tesla demonstrate this autopilot system? Presumably it’s for highway driving, yes? But car reveals are usually stationary events, yes?

And another tipster — or rather, a Tripster, as in Trip Chowdhry from Global Equities Research, says Oct. 9 will also mark the debut of MODEL 3! Why the bold prediction? First, because Tesla is still looking to woo Gigafactory partners. What better way than to show the factory’s finished product? And second, because the Oct. 9 event is being held near Tesla’s design studio, where design chief Franz von Holzhausen stirs his cauldron.

Hmm. Regarding Gigafactory partners, remember that Panasonic requested that it be the sole battery cell partner, and presumably it was granted that exclusivity before it signed on. In fact, Panasonic announced Friday that it has created a new sub-company called Panasonic Energy Corp. of North America, to be based at the Gigafactory and focused entirely on Tesla battery production. Press release: “Panasonic plans to continuously expand operations meeting with Tesla’s vehicle delivery schedule.” Sounds like Panasonic has the Gigafactory padlocked. However, surely there’s more to that massive operation besides battery cell production per se, so maybe Tesla is indeed looking to lure other partners for other roles.

What about the Model X? Nobody thinks we’ll see it Oct. 9? Why not? Certainly it’s a lot closer to production than the Model 3. Then again, Tesla is trying to anti-sell the Model X because the demand is getting kooky, with pre-orders topping 20,000 and climbing scarily. But then again, a new AWD Model S with SADAS could reclaim some thunder lost to the Model X, no? A commenter here, and commenters on this thread, both say people who ordered the high-end version of the Model X received invitations to the Oct. 9 event.

Imagine seeing the entire Tesla arsenal in one place at last? Now that would really be “something else.” So let’s make a deal, Tesla. Show us the 3 and the X and we promise to squeal, and jump up and down and clap. And we won’t be faking it.

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One thought on “What the heck is behind Tesla’s curtains?

  1. Richard G says:

    The production version of Model X will most probably be shown at the event the 9th, as Tesla primarily has invited Model X signature reservations holder.

    When they chose to send invitations to Chinese and Norwegian X reservation holders that will cross the globe to attend the event, they would most probably get a lot of bad publicity if they then didn’t chose to show the X.


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