Model “D” looks very familiar

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 11.28.57 PMScreen Shot 2014-10-01 at 11.42.15 PMTesla’s “D” teaser looks exactly like a Model S. Is it an AWD version? A long wheelbase version for China? Does “D” stand for driverless, as commenter M.F. suggests? If not, then M.F. is just a crazy MF.

UPDATE: The murmuring consensus is Dual Motor, indicating AWD. If that’s the case, surely this will make some Model S owners want to upgrade, so we’ll likely see an interesting flow of Teslas into the used market. How will resale value hold up? Time will tell. Meanwhile, the press is now receiving official invites to an unveiling of, um, something — and something else — Oct. 9 at Hawthorne Airport, near SpaceX headquarters.


9 thoughts on “Model “D” looks very familiar

  1. M.F. says:

    I think it’s a Driverless Model S.


  2. ellen says:

    diesel, baby.


  3. Lee says:



  4. AdrienT says:

    Elon cracks me up! Can’t wait for the straight skinny!


  5. Vasya Bricklyn says:

    Not a lot of critical thinking skills here. A smart person would not change the model name because of a feature. Basically, MF is exactly that- just another stupid MF internetter.


  6. Jon says:

    found a picture that shows the car with a sheet over it. looks like its gonna be a 2 door


  7. Anonymous says:



  8. Anonymous says:

    it is dual motor


  9. Illuminati says:

    October 9 = Paris Motor Show 2014

    “unveil the D”
    a. Dual motor all-wheel drive
    b. Drop-top ( ) ( “Décapotable” in french )

    “and something else” = 4G chip from Orange ( )
    Orange is a French multinational telecommunications corporation.


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