Sound bite love: “Norway of Asia”

This Old House TeslaMondoTesla figures Hong Kong, with one of the world’s most prosperous economies, is super-fertile ground, and is hiring to that effect. Why the strong demand? The main downtown is only 10 miles wide, so residents won’t need to charge very often. That’s a good thing, because most live in high-rise buildings.* Surely Hong Kong will be the litmus test for Tesla’s ability to penetrate an extreme urban setting. If you can’t fit a proverbial toothpick, where will you fit a charging station? TeslaMondo predicts a novel charging method for this potential “Norway of Asia.” Norway, you may recall, is certifiably Tesla-koo-koo thanks in large part to aggressive government EV incentives and infrastructure spending. China may be catching up, however. It’s on an urgent mission to de-smoggify itself. Chinese demand for Telsa is robust, according to Goldman Sachs just yesterday. Technically, Hong Kong isn’t part of China, but technically, yes it is. Don’t bother clicking here unless you’re really bored. The Goldman Sachs comment ordinarily would boost TSLA shares dramatically, but since everyone is going through a TSR — a Tesla Sentiment Recession — the stock struggled to stay green yesterday.

* Here’s a beautiful photo essay of those buildings.

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