On-the-fly improvements continue

Seems the Model S has quietly gained a couple of safety features:

1. “Speed assist,” which is capable of reading speed limit signs and GPS data to let you stick to the speed limit if you want.
2. A lane departure system that can read lane markings and buzz the steering wheel if you drift out of your lane.

Tesla’s hardcore forums indicate these upgrades were quietly introduced as standard equipment, to the chagrin of some who recently paid extra.

However, other car companies make similar improvements as model years change, or even mid-model-year sometimes. Toyota, for example, sandwiched a 2014.5 model year for Camrys. The new cars have a backup camera and better crash credentials in the IIHS small overlap test. Also, many automakers quietly raise prices in little increments during a single model year, with no equipment upgrades at all. The incremental price increases don’t make headlines, but they make a difference of several hundred dollars from the start of a model year to the end.

So continual improvements to the Model S shouldn’t irk anyone. The car is uniquely fluid and upgradable. Bring it on.

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