Bright Tesla bulbs besides Elon

Tesla sells cars on a fixed pricing menu. No “deals” to be found. Jewelers do just the opposite. They wheel and deal. But both Tesla reps and jewelry salespeople perform the same function. They BUILD VALUE in the product, so that you, the customer, can justify the purchase to yourself. And how does this jeweler at the Clay Pot in Brooklyn build value in her high-end pieces? Skip to 2:40 and you’ll hear her compare one to a (pick one):

1. AMC Hornet
2. Saab Sonett
3. Tesla

That’s a bright idea. Former Tesla engineer Neil Joseph had a bright idea too, and so he teamed up with a former NASA engineer to work on that bright idea. Now they’re in the light bulb business. But this isn’t an ordinary bulb. The Alba bulb adapts to ambient light to avoid wasting energy, and even adapts to your household routine. Cost: $150 for two. But that’s a pittance considering we’re talking about the Tesla of light bulbs.

The Tesla of vice presidents, Diarmuid O’Connell, spoke a few days ago at the 7th annual Renewable Energy Finance Forum in California. He advises thinking of the Gigafactory as a vast machine. “It will In essence be a machine itself — that’s how we’re thinking of this. A machine that takes raw materials in one side and produces batteries.” How vast? “You have to go up to the site to really appreciate how big a building this will be. It’s a mile long and 70 feet high.” Now, before you go booking a Gigafactory tour through some shady third-party operator, and letting a rattly ol’ bus drop you off in the desert, just remember the factory isn’t quite complete yet. Perhaps you could push for a discounted rate.

Incidentally, here are the world’s biggest buildings by footprint, according to Wikipedia:

largest buildings TeslaMondo

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