A word from Neuman Securities

Cup and underwire patternAlfred E. Neuman TeslaMondoTesla’s chart will probably grow a third breast, continuing the cup with underwire pattern evident in the two-year chart. The rest of 2014 will likely form the sag, with analyst gravity pulling against precious little product news and nothing super-clickable happening in Nevada or China. Meanwhile, Q3 and Q4 results could cause barbs along the way, for better or worse, but nothing to alter the cup formation.

Come mid-January, at the Detroit Auto Show, when the restyled Model X is released from its cage, and photo-ops start happening at the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center, TSLA sentiment will abruptly end its hibernation, ultimately completing the right wall of the cup and easily breaching the $300 mark by spring. Tesla fever in full effect, coming early 2015. Until then, better order a custom brasierre. Men included.

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4 thoughts on “A word from Neuman Securities

  1. AdrienT says:

    Thanks for the chuckle!


  2. Astrology (aka charting) aside a pull back of 20% off the high is not unreasonable given the growth in this stock over the last 4 months.


  3. AdrienT says:

    Well I will say this……. Every time I have invested in this stock, last time @ $280.50 it has collapsed. And each time it has grown exponentially. You figure it out, apparently I can’t! Cheers!


  4. Stillholdingtesla says:

    Well for myself it seems to make sense to keep hanging on to the shares that were picked up at 47$. If the price will just stay around the 275-300$range when my turn comes up on the model X reservation list it will be paid for in full.


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