Non-trivial Tesla trivia

1. Tesla inspired GM to produce the Volt.

2. Daimler saved Tesla from oblivion with an 11th-hour battery contract for the electric Smart and a purchase of company shares.

3. Tesla was so close to death that The Truth About Cars started a “Tesla Death Watch” series, and the Huffington Post actually wrote a postmortem about Tesla. It’s even written in the past tense.

4. When Tesla needed a designer for its Model S, codenamed WhiteStar at the time, it tapped former BMW designer Henrik Fisker. Tesla later sued Fisker, accusing him of stealing Tesla’s ideas to start his own company, the ill-fated Fisker Automotive.

5. The Model S ultimately was designed by Franz Von Holzhausen, who also designed the Saturn Sky/Pontiac Solstice cousins while at GM, and had a hand in the New Beetle while at VW.

6. Three major media outlets have admitted bungling Tesla reports. 60 Minutes admitted it screwed up by adding engine noises to a Tesla segment. The New York Times admitted it botched a story about an alleged Model S mishap. And the BBC admitted it botched a segment about an alleged Tesla Roadster mishap.


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